What is important to look at here is the text of the body or header should be readable on the background that you have set on your page. Just think of contrast for the text and background. The best color for reading text generally tends to be black writing on a white background (or the equivalent).

Although the search engines spot similarity between sites, you can make your site unique with small design tweaks, color changes and graphics.

The first thing you need is web development software. This is what you use to create your site. Now this kind of software can cost anything from a 0 to a 00+ but you want to do it for free. Luckily, there is some descent free web design software for download on the internet. I found Composer. It’s easy to use, if you have any type of experience using a word processor or other similar applications, you should be alright using Composer. Now you’ve downloaded your software we can start with the design.

It’s something I’ve always wanted, my own website. Not for any reason, just to have a presence on the internet. Anyway, I got my hands on a copy of an eBook that promised you could “create your own website by 3:45 this afternoon”. I read the eBook and it seemed simple enough, so I thought what the heck I’ll give it a go. So, I put the eBook in a safe place and tried to design a website from scratch without any more help. Oh, and I forgot to say, without spending any money.

Because you are on a limited budget, you should focus on free internet marketing methods which generate Targeted traffic. Some of them are article marketing, forum marketing, blogging, etc.

I also learned to use the search engines, and I found them very useful. They opened a whole new way of finding information for me. Almost any subject could be found with just a click from the mouse.

Before you set up your own site, you’ll need to select a domain name. This very process could help catapult you to the top of search engines. Too many people think the domain name needs to be the same as their business name. Not so! You may be called ‘Love Pet Dogs’; but your domain name would be better entitled ‘Dog Walking in New York’. You can have the logo as Love Pet Dogs, but it is what you’d expect people to type into the search box to find your business that’s important. Yet if everyone knows your company name (branding). Then go with that for the domain name.

You can use one font for the headings and another font for the body. Avoid using more than two different fonts within the text of the body as this tends to be too distracting for the reader. Try to keep this as your general rule.